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BodyCure MB6 Full Body Automatic Jade Thermal Massage Bed with 11 jade stone rollers better than Ceragem Master V3 RL1 Nugabest N4 NM4000 Vigen 8000,8500,9500



This consists of three parts. The first part is a flexible, hollow, thick walled rubber device in the shape of the old fashioned light bulb, with its thinner end open. Its approximate dimensions are: length - 14 cm, diameter at its broadest part 10 cm, diameter at the lower open end 3 cm, rubber thickness 5 mm. The second part is a metallic bowl (katori) of approximately 9 cm diameter and 5 cm height, with a hole of about 1.2 cm diameter in the center of its surface. The third part is an approximately 5 cm long, hollow metallic pipe of about 2 cm diameter. One end of this hollow pipe is welded permanently on to the central hole on the outer surface of the metallic bowl, whereas its other end is free and is inserted into the open end of the rubber device. There is thus an internal connection between all the three parts of the solar pump, which allows the air to pass through from one end to the other. Solar Setter/Pump Use A large number of disorders/diseases of the human body are attributable to disturbance of the solar nervous plexus located below the navel in the abdomen. It is well known that a mere setting right of the solar plexus results in alleviating a majority of such disorders fully or partially. It is also seen in many cases that if the solar plexus is displaced, acupressure treatment is not effective. The importance of correcting the solar plexus can thus hardly be over emphasized. There are many methods of correcting a disturbed solar plexus. The solar setter/pump is one such effective and convenient device that is used to correct the disturbed solar plexus