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BodyCure MB6 Full Body Automatic Jade Thermal Massage Bed with 11 jade stone rollers better than Ceragem Master V3 RL1 Nugabest N4 NM4000 Vigen 8000,8500,9500



Products description 

Cupping set has changed traditional lighting and air discharging into vacuum suction, enabling the theraputic cupping to be attached to acupuncture points of human body, forming local blood engorgement.It can make human body smooth through channels and collaterals, it is capable of removing coldness and rheumatism, getting rid of illness for physical fitness.
1. Traditional Chinese medicine vins and arteries therapy, cure various diseases
2. Dredge through the live blood, improve the muscle immunity
3. Remove internal diseases
4.Promoting blood circulation and relive pains 
5. Detoxification and defervesce function;
6. Anti Rheumatism
7.Relieving body fatigue and pain